Save by switching to great store brands, and avoid bad product dupes.

Not sure if you should risk buying the store brand?
We’ve got you.

From health and beauty products to household supplies, Brandefy knows how generics stack up against the big name brands. Brandefy can tell you when the generic is the exact same... and when it’s terrible.


How Brandefy works


Step 1.

Search for the product

We’re adding products every week. Search by retailer, brand, and product name.


Step 2.

See product similarity scores

We display 2 main scores – the ingredient similarity score, and overall similarity score. Our Ingredient Match compares all the tiny text on the back panels. (No more squinting at the store!) And real people give us our Overall Score—they compare things like flavor, smell, texture, and more. We even write up a quick review of each product, so you know exactly what you’re buying.


Step 3.

Decide on the generic or name brand

Now that you know how the products differ (or not) buy the item that suits you best!


Step 4.

Build the community

See products you want reviewed? Request a review in app or send us feedback.