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Similarity Rating: 86%

Some small differences but similar overall.

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Better than Sex is $24/tube and L'Oreal is $7/ tube. Both products come in a similar pink tube with an hourglass application wand but the Better Than Sex mascara packaging is heavier and has a more pronounced hourglass shape. Both mascaras created intense volume with excellent black pigmentation. Both grabbed onto the lashes, curled, and had nearly identical looks after application. I would recommend trying this L'Oreal dupe.


Some small differences but similar overall.

Community Feedback


I find the too faced mascara to be SO much better. The L’Oréal is clumpy and makes my lashes stick together.



I find these to be dupes! Personally I liked the L’Oréal better, it didn’t make my lashes clumpy or dry out like too faced.


Gabrielle Soto

I have used both mascaras and can honestly say that they perform very similarly. As far as it clumping, both mascara are a thick and are meant to give a fuller look. I experienced clumpy applications from both. However, the deal breaker is the price. Therefore, L’Oréal has my vote entirely.



I’ve been using BTS for years, but was looking for a cheaper alternative. Lash Paradise doesn’t come close! The formula is too wet, and it comes out very clumpy. I’d say it was a 50% match only because of the brush and look of the tube.



The BTS Too Faced Mascara is hands down far better than the L’Oréal one. I had read reviews on Amazon saying they were similar and wanted to save some money. I absolutely hated the L’Oréal one! All of my eye lashes stuck together so much so they would fall out. The mascara itself doesn’t have the same consistency or texture as the BTS one. I felt like I had plastic eyelashes and I never had that feeling with BTS by Too Faced. I posted the review on Facebook and all of my friends agreed except for one.



The L’Oreal formula comes nowhere near close the Too Faced formula. It makes my eyelashes super sticky and they are sticky even after washing my face and using eye make up remover. I had read online that this was a dupe and was so disappointed when I bought it because it’s nowhere near close. It did lift my lashes and make them have volume but it wasn’t worth the struggle and mess required to take it off.



Honestly... lash paradise was better! My lashes were longer and the wand wasn’t as big so I didn’t get accidental raccoon eyes!



The L’Oreal product is good however the top faced product is better - it’s honestly the best mascara I’ve ever used. I still totally use the L’Oreal product though as it’s one of the best drugstore mascaras I’ve found (that and voluminous)...however if I find bts on some kind of a deal (hint check Macy’s!...keep it on your list there) please believe I’m snapping it up ASAP.



I have been using BTS for years and love it and once the L’Oréal one came out I tried it and I was just not a fan. It’s very drying to the point where if you go in for the second layer it clumps together and there is no way to fix your lashes without use of a comb. Most people honestly just stick with it because of the cheaper price tag. And BTS is collagen infused.



I prefer the L'Oréal mascara. I have such a hard time getting my eye lashes fuller & longer. I loved the BTS mascara, but happened to stumble on this L'Oréal one day. I honestly had never hears of it being a dupe — ever since Ive tried it, I havent gone back to BTS. For me, the product doesn’t dry up as quick as BTS .. and... i will gladly buy a less expensive mascara if I find one that works! ..that way I can use those saved dollars to buy a good primer!



I have the L’Oreal in the waterproof version. Not sure if that changes the way it goes onto the lashes, but I do think it’s a tad more clumpy. That said, I usually layer it last (I use multiple mascaras) and it does just as good of a job as the BTS as far as spreading the lashes and covering.



The look is the same in the end but the L’Oréal flakes away much faster. But then I do feel the too faced is a bit flaky for its price point too



too faced is much better. the only comparison is the design of the tube. i tried l’oréal to save money and hated it. there are much better drug store brands than that one. i love two faced mascara but don’t love the price :( wish there was a closer comparison.



My Too Faced mascara was running out and I wanted to save some money, so I decided to try out the L’Oréal mascara. I put one mascara on one eye and the other on the other eye to compare differences. Honestly, both eyes look the same. I do feel like the Too Faced mascara does go on easier, but why not save some money if both eyes come out very comparable!



These both wear so similarly, I buy the L’Oréal to save myself some serious money. If you apply 1-2 drops of eye drops halfway through the tube, it goes on amazingly. Paired with the primer, it looks even better!



I have used both mascaras and I am a mascara fool! L’Oréal is hands down BETTER to me!! I will always buy it instead of the “Better than sex”


sherri a

I’ve been using BTS for a long time, and I decided to try a less expensive alternative so I opted for Lash Paradise... I’m pleasantly surprised at the similarities! For the money, the Lash Paradise gives you fullness just like BTS and it does not clump or flake. The only downside is that L’Oreal is not cruelty free, but for the money, well worth the switch!


deals and steals

Okay so I bought the Travel sized BTS mascara for $14 at Sephora and it is not water proof and I already had the lash paradise which is water proof for a much better cost ,, I really do recommend lash paradise


Brianna Z

I tested them Both out and I really think that you could use either and you wouldn’t even know which one was which!



Lash paradise seems to dry out quicker, have more flakes, and less volume.



The Too Faced mascara flakes so badly for me. I don’t have this issue with L’Oréal! For cruelty free alternatives, I’d recommend Essence’s Lash Princess (wet formula, dramatic lashes) or Volume Stylist Lash Extension (drier formula, softer but still noticeable effect). I’ve also heard Covergirl’s Exhibitionist mascara is a dupe. Pro tip: If my lashes get clumpy I always use CG Clump Crusher to separate my lashes!


Sabri Saver

L’Oreal >>>>> Too Face on this one. The “better than sex” dries up rather quickly


Larissa S

The L’oréal mascara is my GO TO!!! It’s so water and sweat proof and never smudges.



For me, the L’orea mascara is a good dupe for the Too Faced one. They both gives you length to your eyelashes, but I’ve noticed that when applying the one from L’oreal, the finish is less clumpy.



I would rather pay more money for a cruelty free brand.



Basically the same product but L’oreal is a way better price point! Too Faced BTS has been my go to for years and I gave it up as soon as I tried Lash Paradise for the first time.



Have used both and L’Oréal is the same but cheaper! I also add the primer for extra thickness. Get compliments all the time. People think they are fake.



The exact same thing! I love lash paradise and use it daily.



I have used both and if I had to choose I would definitely go with L’Oréal on this. My lashes were full and lengthened with both products however I’m going with what is best for the new mom budget. You can save your money ladies and gents.



Basically the exact same thing. Too similar to splurge on too faced. Bought this on a whim and now I’ll never buy another brand.



Lash Paradise is my #1 mascara! I have never loved a mascara as much as I do this one!



There really is no comparison here.... there is no mascara that’s better than Too Faced Better Than Sex.



I love the L’Oréal version! Cheaper and works the same !



in my opinión, the lash paradise is better! it holds a curl better and flakes less than the too faced.


I find both of these mascaras similar, they both give me the length and volume and they also tend to flake.


I really loved the too faced mascara at first but then it began to dry out and flake so badly that my eyes were constantly watering to the point that the skin under my eyes started to get so dried out that it started peeling. As soon as I stopped using that brand my skin completely cleared up. I started using the L’Oréal mascara and loved it, it is basically the exact same but half the price!


I really loved the too faced mascara at first but then it began to dry out and flake so badly that my eyes were constantly watering to the point that the skin under my eyes started to get so dried out that it started peeling. As soon as I stopped using that brand my skin completely cleared up. I started using the L’Oréal mascara and loved it, it is basically the exact same but half the price!


Love love L’Oréal been using it since high school and will continue to use it! Too faced very dry and would rash out my eyes! I have tried a lot of high end products that would come in my boxy charm! Too faced was one of them and just was not a fan!


As an Asian American with short and sparse lashes, I love the L’Oréal duped version much better. After the first application, my lashes instantly looked longer and fuller without looking clump and spidery. What was even better is that my lashes stayed curl and lifted all day. Usually after one application of any mascara, my lashes falls down from the weight of the mascara. The L’Oréal Lash Paradise kept it curled all day and my lashes looked incredibly long. It is amazing! I threw away all of my designer $20+ mascaras and only use this!


Now knowing that L’Oréal is not cruelty free I’d buy Too faced. I have both in my makeup collection and I always go for my better than sex. I’m happy to know that I’m choosing the cruelty free product.


Better Than S** is overhyped. It’s clumpy, it leaves mascara under your eyes, it still runs when you’re full on crying. I use eyelash primer and it still does that stuff. L’Oreal (sadly it’s not cruelty free) works way much better than Too Faced. It does not budge, even though it is a bit clumpy, it does not leave any mascara your eyes and I full on SOBBED while wearing this mascara and it did not budge. But, if you want a really good mascara that is cruelty free and is way much better than Too Faced, try out Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume and Curl mascara!! It’s worth it!


Too Faced is the best ever mascara. And I only use cruelty free vegan so I skip LOreal no matter what.


I prefer the L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara. It gives you beautiful, full, voluminous lashes. It’s a turnoff that it’s not cruelty-free, but the Too Faced Better Than S€x mascara transfers onto the skin and that’s an even bigger turnoff. And even though that’s an easy fix, who wants to have to wipe off mascara from their flawlessly beat face?


Better Than S** is way too clumpy for my taste. But the L’Oréal one is way Superior in my opinion


Too faced


My go to was ALWAYS L’Oréal but after trying Better Than S** I find that my lashes look fuller and longer, definitely will not go back to L’Oréal


Lash paradise is my ultimate favorite of ALL TIME! I will no spend another dollar on expensive mascara because nothing compares


I like the Lash Paradise for sure!!


I love Lash Paradise!


Lash paradise is a joke. The brush is somewhat erratic and the product just globs onto it.


Lash paradise is like is just Elmer’s glue and black eyeshadow mixed in a tube.


Lash paradise all day everyday! I’ve never had an issue with it clumping at all. Makes my lashes super long and beautiful!!!


I bought both and used them up and thought they both performed equally well! I’m not planning to buy Too Faced again, because Lash Paradise was a VERY similar product for half the price.


only used Better Than Sex, i absolutely love the wand, i use it with a different formula now, but i dont think the formula of the mascara is worth the price one bit!!


L’Oréal mascara is an excellent product!


I used to only buy Too Faces BTS mascara until I tried Lash Paradise. I cannot tell the difference in the product other than the price. L’Oréal is all I use now.


Love the Lash Paradise! So good. ❤️


I’ve tried both and the biggest difference I can tell is that the L’Oréal mascara doesn’t last as long throughout the day. I have sensitive eyes, and the L’Oréal chipped off into my eyes. I’ll stick with the good stuff


I have made this comparison as well, I used to only buy the Better then $ex but I tried theLash Paradise for the value. Both products provide lash lift and volume intensity. I say go for the value


Has anyone else had the lash paradise be extremely clumpy and goopy? I’ve bought two separate tubes and they’ve both been entirely unusable.


Replying to Darryl- YES! I personally don’t love either the better than sx mascara or the lash paradise.... I think they are both too clumpy for me! ?


Not a fan of the Lash Paradise. I was looking for a cheaper alternative to Better Than Sex, but this was too wet and clumpy. I’ll stick with the original Too Faced Better than Sex.

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