Vitafusion Calcium Adult Vitamins vs. Kirkland Signature Adult Gummies Calcium


After discovering that Walmart’s version of Vitafusion Adult Gummy Vitamins were produced by the name brand manufacturer (Church and Dwight), we wanted to check out other Vitafusion products.  We also know how popular Kirkland Signature products are, so we headed to Costco and picked up Vitafusion Calcium adult vitamins as Kirkland Signature Adult Gummies Calcium.

Supplements are required by the FDA to include a “Supplement Facts” panel on the label, and we compared the two.  The calcium and vitamin d content of the two were identical, but the Vitafusion jumps out for containing double the Sugars as Kirkland Signature (6 grams to 3 grams). Additionally, the ingredient mix aside from the supplements differed, leading us to safely conclude these are not the same formulation.  Unfortunately Costco doesn’t release manufacturer information, so we can’t tell you if Dwight and Church made this version.


The Vitafusion version included a cream flavor, while Kirkland was straight “orange and cherry” natural fruit flavors. Our consumer testers felt the two tasted quite similar, but actually preferred the taste of Kirkland Signature.

Overall, the two products offer an almost identical mix in terms of vitamin content, and critically for a calcium supplement, calcium content. That being said, the Kirkland Signature version contained less sugar, fewer calories, and our consumer test panel preferred the taste. Like most Kirkland Signature products, this is a quality product and we are confident that you can't go wrong buying this product.