Tums Antacid Assorted Berries vs. Kirkland Signature Ultra Strength Antacid

We get a number of requests for Kirkland Signature products, so we’re going to take another look at one today: the Ultra Strength Antacid Tablets, in assorted Berry Flavors. These are the KS version of Tums antacid tablets, which we also picked up in assorted berries flavors.

Both products came in a tall plastic container with a blue lid. However, as we tried to open the containers, it was significantly easier to open the name brand Tums package. It had a pry off lid, with Kirkland featuring a twist-top that was very difficult to open. Once the lid was off, both had anti-tampering seals. As with the lid, the seal was much more difficult to remove on the Kirkland version.

The active ingredient in both Tums and Kirkland signature was the same and in the same dose: 1000 mg of Calcium Carbonate.  The remaining ingredient formulations were slightly different, with the differences being noted in white and overlapping ingredients highlighted in green.


Both versions had an extremely powerful (and not particularly pleasant) berry odor, but the Kirkland version was overwhelming.

No one buys antacid tablets for the taste; they’re meant to relieve mild acid indigestion and heartburn, and both versions do their job with the calcium carbonate active. However, taste matters for a chewable product like these, and we have a clear winner here.  The Tums version is a bit chalky like all antacids,  but words cannot describe how badly the Kirkland Signature tablets taste. There is an overwhelmingly sweet taste that does not mask the medicine-y taste of the calcium carbonate. Our consumer testers unanimously noted that they could barely stomach the taste of the Kirkland version.

Recommendation: Do not buy

Nic StockdaleComment