The World's Most Comprehensive Guide to Aldi Products: All Categories

We’ve talked (okay, bragged) about it. We’ve shared a few highlights. We ate all of Aldi to do this.  But the full guide is finally here. That’s right, you have come to the World’s Most Comprehensive Guide to Aldi Products. This article includes the top ranked Aldi-brand product in each category, but links to a full review of all Aldi-brand products that look like name brands we know and love. We’ll share the good, the bad, and the disgusting.

If you’ve been in an Aldi, you know that they make a store brand version of the top-selling grocery brands in the country.  So whether you’re wondering if the marshmallows taste like Jet-Puffed, or if the green juice will cover your expensive Suja fix, Brandefy has got you covered.  Our app has 400 Aldi product comparisons in it.  By comparisons, we mean the Aldi brand versus the name brand it’s trying to dupe. 

See which Aldi-brand item was crowned a money-saver in each category, and dive into the specific guides to find out which Aldi-brand items to avoid:

Guide to Aldi’s Pastas, Grains, and Breads

The Top Ranked Aldi-Brand Bread:

 Aldi-brand English muffins are a winner! L’OVEN FRESH is super similar to the name brand, but not 100% because of texture.

Aldi-brand English muffins are a winner! L’OVEN FRESH is super similar to the name brand, but not 100% because of texture.

Thomas' Plain Bagel VS. L'oven Fresh Plain Bagel

Similarity Score: 90%

Switch to save! The store brand is a little denser in texture.

Guide to Aldi’s Baking Supplies

The Top Ranked Aldi-Brand Baking Good:

 These were the crowned jewels of the Aldi-brand baking aisle.

These were the crowned jewels of the Aldi-brand baking aisle.

Nestlé Toll House Mini Morsels Semi-Sweet Chocolate VS. Baker's Corner Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels

Similarity Score: 92%

Great dupe! We couldn't even tell the difference between these two chocolates.

Guide to Aldi’s Personal Care Items

The Top Ranked Aldi-Brand Personal Care Item:

 This Aldi-Brand Purell is a winter winner.

This Aldi-Brand Purell is a winter winner.

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer VS. Source Advanced Hand Sanitizer

Similarity Score: 93%

Testers couldn’t tell the difference between the two hand sanitizers. We recommend you switch to this Aldi bacteria buster!

Guide to Aldi’s Frozen Foods


Top Ranked Aldi-Brand Frozen Food:

Tyson Fully Cooked Crispy Chicken Strips VS. Kirkwood Crispy Chicken Strips

Similarity Score: 93%

Switch to save! Though the generic does not have a resealable bag, our testers agreed that the generic is quite similar to the original.

Watch out though, not all Aldi frozen chicken products are created equal!

Guide to Aldi’s Household Supplies

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 2.26.36 PM.png

Top Ranked Aldi-Brand Household Item:

Ziploc Freezer Quart Seal Top Bags VS. Boulder Twin Lock Freezer Quart Bags

Similarity Score: 96%

Ziploc had less of a plastic scent and we felt like it was also slightly easier to close. We would like to note that the first Ziploc bag we took out tore immediately when opened. The others were fine. They both hold water securely, and we’d switch to save!

Guide to Aldi’s Breakfast Foods

Top Ranked Aldi-Brand Breakfast Item:

fullsizeoutput_2af (1).jpeg

Kellogg's Rice Krispies VS. Millville Crispy Rice Cereal

Similarity Score: 97%

Excellent Rice Krispie dupe! The only difference we found was that the Millville cereal was slightly crunchier- it held up better in milk and delivered more snap, crackle, pop, sound. We also tested the cereal in rice crispy treats and they were a success.

Guide to Aldi’s Dairy Products

Top Ranked Aldi-Brand Breakfast Item:

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 3.00.28 PM.png

Chobani Greek Yogurt Pineapple on the Bottom VS. Friendly Farms Greek Yogurt Pineapple on the Bottom

Similarity Score: 97%

Great opportunity to switch to save! Our testers found that the only difference in the products was in the texture, Chobani was a touch thicker. Check the other flavors in the app before you switch to all Aldi dupes of Chobani, because we noted some stark differences!

Guide to Aldi’s Snacks

Top Ranked Aldi-Brand Snack Item:

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 3.15.25 PM.png

Lay's Wavy Original Potato Chips VS. Clancy's Wavy Potato Chips

Similarity Score: 90%

This is a great opportunity to switch. The packaging may be a little flimsy but Clancy's Wavy Chips held up well with our testers!

Guide to Aldi’s Sauces and Condiments

Top Rated Aldi-Brand Condiment:

Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise VS. Burman's Real Mayonnaise

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 3.20.46 PM.png

Similarity Score: 99%

We thought the generic had a nice balance of vinegar and egg flavor. We could not distinguish the two mayos in a blind taste test. Switch to save!

Guide to Aldi’s Beverages

Glaceau Smart Water VS. PurAqua ElectroWater

Similarity Score: 95%

Switch to Save!!! The SmartWater has a slightly stronger flavor, specifically a more minerally taste. But our panel agrees that this is a chance to save!

Guide to Aldi’s Canned Goods

The Top Ranked Aldi-brand canned good:

Progresso Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup VS. Fit&Active Chicken Noodle Chunky Soup

Similarity Score: 72%

Even though these didn't taste the same, testers said they like the Aldi brand of soup more. They thought it tasted more natural, and had bigger chunks of white chicken. Progresso had bigger carrots, but there was less chicken and it was kind of rubbery.

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