vitafusion MultiVites Gummy vs. Equate Multivitamins Adult Gummy

I grew up in a house where I was constantly harped on to “take my vitamins”, and I did growing up in the form of the Flintstone’s vitamins that I thought were pretty much candy. As my palate has refined as a mature, responsible adult, I have moved on to Vitafusion MultiVites gummies. Naturally, I decided to check out the Equate version (Equate multivitamins adult gummy) when I saw it on the shelf at Walmart.

The first thing I check with a supplement like multi-vitamins is the ingredient panel. As a supplement, the multivitamins are required to have a “supplement facts” panel on the label.  You can check out the exact labeling requirements here , but in general this is where you’re going to see the type and amount of vitamins contained in the product. As I compared the back panels side by side, I noticed that they were line-by-line identical, in type and amount. Typically store brands will mirror the active ingredients in type and amount identically, but there will often be small differences in the other ingredients. This wasn’t the case here, however, as the “other ingredients” panel was also identical in type and ordering.

What really piqued my interest was this label:


When store-brand products use the “compare to name brand product” tag on their labels, they also include a notification on the back that says “this product is not manufactured or distributed by…” to alleviate confusion from consumers who may purchase the product and claim to have thought they were purchasing the brand name version.  However, as you can see, this version says only “not distributed by”, which led us to believe that the name brand manufacturer might also make the equate version.

We called Walmart, where they confirmed that Church and Dwight (the manufacturer of the name brand vitafusion) was the manufacturer of the equate version.

This doesn’t mean that the products are exactly the same: the equate versions were shaped differently, and our consumer testers noted they had a sweeter smell than the vitafusion.  But they were extremely similar, and according to Walmart, were manufactured by the same company. We recommend saving the money with the Equate version.