Ore-Ida vs. Kroger vs. Red Robin- Is it FRYday yet??

Not going to lie, we enjoyed chowing down on all of these tasty fries.  However, we do think you will prefer the classic potato taste of Ore-Ida fries over the Kroger ones.  Don't knock the Kroger fries so fast though, they scored a 75% similarity score.  Red Robin fries are super tasty, but find out why you still might want to go with the tried and true Ore-Ida.

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Carolyn KochardComment
Kroger Round Up - Studs and Duds

The K Care by Kroger round-up is here!  Our review process shows the Kroger version of St. Ives Apricot scrub is 90% similar.  We also liked their version of Dove Go Fresh in pomegranate and lemon verbena (similarity score of 88%).  The Kroger dupe of Sensodyne is okay, but not a perfect match.  

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