About Us


Brandefy is an app that compares store brands to name brands to help shoppers save $ moola and time. By using our app, you’ll know when to switch to a high-quality store brand product to save money, and when to avoid a poor quality store brand dupe. Product comparisons are performed by panels of consumers and/or Brandefy category captains. We rank each product in similarity based on a set of pertinent attributes. For example, in the food category, smell, taste, mouthfeel and packaging functionality all weigh into the equation.

Brandefy’s iPhone app has over 1400 product comparisons, and includes comparisons on products from retailers such as: Aldi, Target, Costco, Sephora, Ulta, and Kroger.

The company started in the University of Virginia startup incubator program in 2017, entered the Lighthouse Labs Accelerator in 2018, and has just recently joined The Brandery, an accelerator program in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Meg Pryde, Founder/CEO

Meg brings extensive experience in the private label consumer packaged goods industry, where she worked with an industry leader, Perrigo. At Perrigo, Meg worked in category management on a $90 million foods & liquids portfolio. Meg also worked for tech startup and consumer app GoHappy, which gave her the know-how to start testing her own ideas. And just in time, too. While shopping, she decided to take a chance on a “Clorox Wipes” generic, and the results were…disastrous! She recognized that there was no resource for consumers to get reliable comparison information between private label and store brands that spoke to the varying quality of store brand products. She developed her brainstorm into a company while at the Darden School of Business, where she graduated in 2018. When not saving consumers money and frustration, Meg indulges in her longtime passion for polo, which she honed as a member of the University of Virginia team in her undergrad days.

James Graham, CTO

James started his career selling coupons door-to-door as the co-founder of a student discount card company in Wisconsin. After learning many lessons but not making much money, he spent four years at a healthcare software company in California, where he implemented software for billion-dollar health systems. James pivoted from the healthcare industry and learned to code before attending the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and receiving his MBA. He was on the verge of accepting a job at a major tech company when he decided he would rather work on the front lines of the raging retail wars, where he could have a direct impact on providing consumers with greater savings and higher quality. James is now continuing to hone his developing skills and loves learning about new technology platforms, doing the New York Times crossword puzzle (he once completed an entire month--no cheating!), and alternately caring for and screaming at his cat, Marty McFly. 

Carolyn Kochard, COO

Carolyn is a key relationship builder in the Brandefy experience, testing products and leading panels of testers. She loves nothing more than hearing from the growing team of Brandefy reviewers, and finds their enthusiasm for the app and all it does contagious! Her extreme dedication to the cause and the team is exemplified by the fact that she once gained eight pounds in a single month by sampling everything on Aldi’s shelves. Carolyn loves sharing her experiences and communicating with Brandefy fans by writing for the blog. Another growing passion is scouring the interweb for the best deals – which is what brought her to Brandefy in the first place. A friend of founder Meg Pryde from their UVA undergrad days, Carolyn received her master’s degree in education and spent five years as an elementary school teacher. Through that experience, she saw firsthand how families were forced to stretch their money in order to buy their kids even the most basic school supplies. It made her feel even more strongly that every family should be able to find quality products at a good price, and she is motivated by this belief every day at Brandefy.